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We make telling the truth
 fun, rewarding & safe

Because everyone loves a surprise

   Sending a friend or family member a secret award has the power to boost          self-esteem, enhance positive reinforcement & lift a sour mood. 

Every kid loves getting accolades in the mail! Even rough & tumble little boys.


These awards are a perfect way to praise the highlights of a child's budding personality.

People are more likely to take a compliment or embrace a criticism

when it's conveyed anonymously. -H. Sellers

Send an award that honors what is honest & true and know that it reflects what's honorable about you.

Our Products:

Send a customized award via

First Class mail

or a colorful award

via e-mail.

"A while back, my son’s teacher was set on fire by her ex husband, leaving her with burnt scars on her face. Every week my son and I anonymously wrote a letter to her saying how we think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world (the truth), and we put it in the mailbox. She didn’t know it was us. But she cried when she opened them, and she had told us over dinner that the letters she’s been receiving are helping her look up on days when she feels down...


Just little small things that we do could make a huge difference in someone’s life. Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Richard Gere

Show your kindness & compassion, lift somebody's spirits & encourage growth & spark a personal transformation.

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