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Ranting of A Psychic Grandmother ~Comedy Show

& Volunteer Appreciation Events for Non-Profits

Featuring Evolving Genius Awards

Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother, Comedy Show


Award-winning psychic Iris will grab your ears & twist hard, ranting about the worst parts of psychic awareness. She empowers audiences with funny Sassy Awards, confronting our annoying sides in hilarious, discreet ways. People are amazed by her psychic ability to know who needs these outrageously funny wake-up call awards to secretly give others. Watch out Mindless Moochers, Dastardly Dirty Old Men, Passionate Pack-rats & Drama Queens!  Iris also selects and honors others with heartfelt, funny awards like, Lovable Laughter, Child-like Wonder, Free Spirit and Glorious Gratitude. All awards showcase her genuine psychic ability and bring surprising humor & positive recognition audiences adore.

Award-winning, Family Friendly, Motivational Comedy! Inspire, motivate and uplift your audience.

Iris ignites fits of laughter and warms hearts with hilarious, witty, enlightening, Classy Awards.

Her gift is profoundly honoring people, making fun of herself and addressing challenging human behaviors

with sarcastic Sassy Awards.  The laughter, applause and positive recognition she inspires, are delicious

soul food and healing medicine for all her audiences.

Here's what some of our clients are saying about our show:

“Perfect for our serious executives and their families, powerful fun.”


“Thanks for bringing so much laughter to our boring meetings!”


 “Many employees have their awards framed in their offices!        Seeing these keep’s everyone’s sunny sides up.”


           “When everyone gets applause after getting their award,                  it brings so much awesome positive recognition and fun energy.”


“Laughter is the best medicine, thanks for a great show.”


“Receiving my award and getting a standing ovation from my community was thrilling. It was a generous and exciting surprise.”


“These awards are a great way to bring the funny truth to the surface           that some people in the office needed to hear!”


"Best motivational comedy ever. Our students were spellbound."

Motivational  & Keynote Speaker
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Suitable for most occasions and ages.

Iris will awaken your playful, creative inner child through humor, laughter, encouragement, playful honoring, and delightful memorable awards!  


Honoring people in funny ways brings great joy! Laughing about the shadow sides of human nature in a funny,

non-threatening way is educational and super funny too.

Everyone gets to keep their memorable awards which Iris will love to provide for your audience.

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