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Send an Award and Spark a Transformation

     Honoring Awards      are a simple way to express gratitude to the ones in your life with shining qualities.


These awards are designed to encourage and support the ones that deserve it most. 

Let friends and family know they are adored, 

By sending them an 

Honor Award

          Sassy Awards           provide the sender a way to speak their mind with class and humor.


These awards are made for those with both a sense of humor and an appreciation for self-reflection.

Next time you want to smack someone upside the head, 

Send them a Sassy Award instead!

  Honesty Letters 

provide an effective way for the sender to express genuine sentiment or concern while remaining anonymous. These more serious notes remove the challenges of confronting hard or inappropriate situations that arise both in the workplace and outside of it.  

Tell the hardcore truth & find genuine relief, let go of their behavior & resolve your grief.

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