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     Enlightening E-Books

Several E-books are presented here by our favorite authors.

All are uplifting, enlightening and insightful!

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This powerful catalyst of intriguing questions, moving stories, gentle wisdom, meaningful insights and delicious humor is ready to inspire your life' treasury. Do the right thing for your family and future generations now! Embrace this opportunity to pass on your values, insights, wisdom and understandings to those you love.

An insightful exploration into the universal values and qualities that bring richness and unity into our lives, like kindness, compassion and gratitude. This unique form of appreciative inquiry facilitates tapping into our personal and universal wisdom in life enhancing ways. An experiential work of art, this inspiring process is a timeless resource for everyone open to exploring his or her inner landscapes of personal and universal wisdom. 


An astute visionary grandmother has psychic visitations from indigenous  grandmothers who mirror her outrage at the problems facing today’s children.


After feeling inspired and haunted to somehow be part of the solution for today’s children and families and address the dire needs and consequences of a society out of touch with its tribal roots , she is spiritually and psychically supported by these indigenous grandmothers to create universal celebrations and ceremonies.

A Book Every Parent, Grandparent, Educator, Community Leader and Event Planner will be Excited to Share with Others!

We astutely explore how positive new traditions, myths or teaching stories and rites of passage celebrations have the common elements of balancing responsibility with earned privileges while blending support, encouragement, appreciation and honoring into the process

Synchronicity, that amazing timing of events when certain pieces seem to fall effortlessly into place, one thing enhancing or making possible the next, always brings me great joy.

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