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Choose an award that expresses the message you'd like to send to that certain someone, enter that their name to customize their award and delivery information & we'll send it via email or first class mail with tracking for you.

Why are Anonymous Expressions so effective?

Anonymous communication allows the sender to be wholly honest in honoring other people effectively by focusing on the message rather than the semder or possible outcome.


Communication is the key to letting go of worry & to offer genuine support, freely & unconditionally.  Anonimity removes the possibilty of recrimination, praise or blame, allowing the true essnce of the message to  be the catalyst for authentic change.


This  an effective way to express feelings of apprciation or undaerstanding of another's plight into an uplifting action that makes brings with it an aire of mystery. Cheering people up has never been so simple, fun and rewarding.


Anonymity has its own clear resonance with the reciever as well. When someone recieves an Honoring or Sassy Award or Honesty letter, the reader may better hear and understand the message, positive or challenging. rathedr than formulating 

Why it Works

How it Works

Glorious Gratitude Award
Excellence in Athletics Award
Angel of Mercy Award
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