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Will your Challenges make you stronger?

Learning from Your Challenges

The difficulty with the challenges we all face is that they are an opportunity yet how you use that opportunity is what really matters. Where your challenges make you stronger or will they serve as excuses for self-sabotage? It’s no secret that hard challenges we face can lead us directly self-destructive behavior.

We see it everywhere, regardless of what the loss is divorce, job, empty nest or death we see this pattern twofold and self-destruct with alcohol, drugs, depression and more. Both in real life and in emotional television’s tales of woe.

The ignored secret that I find myself chanting to clients for years is: “What if your hard core challenges are a gift or blessing in disguise to make you stronger?” Yes our challenges are meant to make us stronger just like exercise is meant to make you physically stronger, the same is true for psychological and emotional challenges.

Tough challenges are an opportunity to build character. They herald opportunities to become more objective, centered, realistic, and possibly more detached.

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