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Gossip: A Mindless & Destructive Act

As a young adult I became extremely angry when so many of my friends were engaging in mindless gossip. I saw how destructive and insane this horrible habit can be to so many people. I found this great poem written in the wall street journal. I sent it anonymously to many people over many years. I have always been pleased with the result. Yes, my friends changed their behavior around me and I trust around others also, as they has no idea who had called them on their nasty, self-centered habit. I share it here with you to consider sending it anonymously when it is for the highest good for all~

The Snake that Poisons Everybody

It topples governments, wreaks marriages,

Ruins careers, Busts reputations, causes heartaches, nightmares, indigestion,

spawns suspicion, generates grief and

dispatches innocent people to

cry in their pillows.

Even it’s name hisses

It’s called Gossip.

Office gossip, Shop gossip, Party gossip

It makes headlines and heartaches.

Before you repeat a story, ask yourself:

Is it true? Is it fair? Is it necessary?

If not, shut up

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