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Honoring Yourself and Others to Gain Emotional Mastery and Joy

Imagine getting a very large professional and important looking envelope in your mail. As you open it you see a beautiful colored border framing a wonderful award that honors you for some of the delightful qualities you have or perhaps heralds appreciation for something that you are good at! You may now have a Spirit of Kindness Award, Excellence in Business Award or perhaps an Angel of Mercy Award or Honorary Caregiver of Light Award sporting your name in your very own hands.

A wave of joyful delight washes over you as you realize, someone has noticed you in a significant way and, WOW this feels really good! I mean hey, when was the last time you were honored anyway?

“Who is this intelligent and lovely person who would appreciate and honor me in such a meaningful way,” you wonder? As they say, “A compliment honors both and giver and receiver!” While doing your best to discern the sender, you realize that perhaps another unsung hero has sent you this award as you discover that it has been sent anonymously on purpose.

Imagine that from now on, every friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker you see, may just be the person who actually did such a thoughtful thing! Wow, go ahead and imagine how this joyful curiosity feels day by day and how differently you look at everyone with a questioning and grateful eye!

We at Anonymous receive an abundance of letters from people of all ages who are discovering the joy of giving our honoring awards anonymously, generously, unconditionally, for the joy of giving alone, without the need for personal recognition. They celebrate their happiness as they send these surprise awards, smiling a private smile of absolute joy. They relish the fact that their lovely self has honored you anonymously and therefore set you up for an important inner journey of joy, surprise and wonder!

It is certainly true in the case of giving anonymously, that the compliment honors both the giver and receiver, as both are usually joyfully transformed in the process!

  • When was the last time you honored and surprised someone you care about or appreciate or uplifted someone’s spirit who is struggling?

  • When was the last time someone clearly honored and surprised you?

  • Did anyone teach you as a child to give anonymously, just for the fun surprise and generous feeling it brings?

  • Were you taught to give just for the sake of giving alone?

  • Were you ever taught to give anonymously, and share the experience that giving freely and secretly is truly its own reward many times over? Hmmmm……… Me neither. But I eventually discovered it all!

Honoring others anonymously has honestly transformed my life as I feel like a secret agent for the highest good and smile almost continually. It has built a sincere sense of nobility and sent my self-esteem rocketing to the moon and back.

Emotional mastery and joy are absolutely mine as I love contributing to the emotional mastery and joy of others in such a thrilling, secret way. I am a groovy grandma on a serious, secret and highly successful mission. I have discovered that as your genuine sense of nobility grows, because you relish giving joyful surprises that spark curiosity and transformation in others, you no longer sweat the small stuff by taking it personally.

Your self-love becomes solid as a rock, light as a feather and a silent beacon of warm light others want to be close to. Your inner child also begin to magically heal and come alive because your focus is on giving, being kind and being a surprise Queen or King! Every kid loves to give and receive surprises and love becomes their middle name! I highly recommend giving anonymously as a healthy new family tradition.

My exciting new educationally based website and blog presents a ton of of super fun awards for kids of all ages! Other fun and honoring awards like, Glorious Gratitude, Spirit of Compassion or Lovable Laughter Awards are among our thirty-five customized Honoring Awards. All awards may be sent anonymously or with a gift note acknowledging you as the sender. Join the fun because gaining emotional mastery and joy are very big achievements. Let’s play secret agents for the highest good~ I double dog dare ya.

“This is honestly the most creative thing I have ever done that has brought me the most on-going self-love, emotional mastery and joy!

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