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Review for Leave a Legacy of Wisdom Ebook

Reading the Legacy of Wisdom is like being hugged by an Earth Mother who promises to

help us find our path. I have not known children or grandchildren but the sincere wishing to

enrich life for another stirs deeply in these pages. Barratt speaks of honoring and fulfilling a

sacred trust. This work is her contribution to that ancient wisdom.

Some quotes I appreciate from this book:

The Native American Indians and other tribes throughout time have emphasized, that we

must consider seven generations into the future when making important choices.

I trust that sharing your wisdom will enhance many positive outcomes within the future

lives of those you touch. Be brave, be vulnerable and go for it.

As the questions presented in this process actively engage the reader to participate in the

process, it brings forth a sense of equality and shared investigation. The mind and heart

work very well when they are open, receptive and involved in a process of discovery.

For me, wisdom comes as a result of universal perspectives based on unity or oneness that

are backed by meaningful experiences.

I trust my personal perspectives only when I maintain my universal perspective

For the reader to pursue her own inner exploration of her spiritual values, the author offers

questions about our attitudes toward abundance, acceptance, wisdom, power, simplicity, and many more topics.

She invites us to wonder and to open our imaginations as we explore our depths.

Considering the questions inspires us to know ourselves better:

I wonder what I might benefit from releasing or letting go of to draw more inspiration into my life?

If I found a wise voice to express the impact of intuition, I wonder what it might say?

I wonder what I appreciate most about . . . .

I wonder how many interesting ways I can create more . . .

I wonder what fascinating experience or story illustrates . . .

The author states about her own journey:

Fortunately my many inner hells have assisted me in becoming more objective and compassionate, (like the way I treat others), while I ride the emotional waves of hurts and fear until

I find some semblance of openness, surrender or hope.

The gentle wisdom of this book will pull every reader to live the best version of him/herself.

Thank you, Iris, for seeing what we can be and for inspiring us to choose the highest and best

for ourselves and others.

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