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Comedy Show in Evergreen Aug. 6th

Comedy Show in Evergreen

Iris’ Hilarious Classy & Sassy Awards!

Family friendly, Motivational Comedy.

Iris ignites fits of laughter and warms hearts with her hilarious awards. Enchanting and witty Classy Awards honor people in funny and inspiring ways. Classy Awards like, Loveable Laughter, Child-like Wonder, Free Spirit and Glorious Gratitude, warm hearts and bring surprising, positive recognition!

In contrast, Sassy Awards boldly confront our dysfunctional behaviors. Sassy Awards offer an ingenious way to laugh about our annoying sides in super funny, non-threatening ways. After all, everyone knows someone who deserves a Mindless Moocher, Dastardly Dirty Old Man or Drama Queen Award! *Colorful laminated awards are gifts to the audience to anonymously pass on as Classy Surprises & Sassy Wake-up calls.

When: Sunday August 6th at 4 pm

Where: The Place Auditorium 27888 Meadow Drive Evergreen (across from Da Kind Soups) Admission $10.

Join the Fun! Treat a friend, co-worker or employee.

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“Iris joyfully honors our goodness and nails our dysfunctional sides too. She is genuine Class with Sass. Very funny, creative awards. ”

“When you take your laughter, honoring and honesty seriously, your life with positively change!”

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