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Leave a Legacy of Wisdom: A Process to Inspire Sharing Your Stories, Values & Insights

This powerful catalyst of intriguing questions, moving stories, gentle wisdom, meaningful insights and delicious humor is ready to inspire your life's treasury now.

Do the right thing for your family and future generations! Embrace this opportunity to pass on your values, insights, wisdom and understandings to those you love.

You are important and so is your life! Cherish and share it all now~

The questions presented in this fun process are designed to lead you into discovering and clarifying the depth of wisdom that your life experiences truly do hold.

Look around at the challenges and distractions our children, teenagers and society all face today. We all need real heroes in our lives who model the values that can truly change our futures.

Sharing your wisdom will enhance many positive outcomes within the future lives of those you touch. Working your wisdom process becomes empowering for you also, as you focus on what and whom you value and why.

Many people have passed away with much of their valuable stories and wisdom not shared, which is truly sad and with possibly tragic consequences. As the questions presented in this process actively engage the reader to participate in the process, it brings forth a sense of equality and shared investigation, thus bridging any generation gaps.

You are important and so is your life! Embrace this empowering process now because it is a true gift of caring, sharing, courage and love for yourself and others.


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