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How to Manifest Consciously with Empowering Language

Inner Guidance

When we are clear about what we want and claim our choices within our thoughts and language, we can manifest very effectively. Use the beginning two words of each sentence and add what is applicable for you and finish each sentence.

This is my example empowering statement for Anonymous Expressions.

What do you want to consciously claim with empowering language?

I am strong enough to see and express the truth.

I will actively inspire all that is good, right and true within others.

I can be a secret agent for the highest good and share my wisdom.

I trust that all good ideas and energy I put out into the world are returned to me multiplied.

I choose to openly honor others who inspire me in active and resourceful ways.

I create meaningful, fun and simple ways to share uplifting awards with joy.

I enjoy my humble inner secrets and the smiles of happiness I wear because of actively demonstrating healthy universal values.

I celebrate the many benefits of giving freely, generously and anonymously.

I know that honoring others naturally inspires me to honor myself as well.

I remember that being an advocate for truth for those in need is a noble cause.

I thrive on teaching others how to demonstrate their inner wisdom and values and thereby strengthening their nobility.

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