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Verbal Abuse and Healing Your Inner Child

Verbal Abuse and Healing Your Inner Child

The more I have helped people heal their wounds with creative visualization, hypnotherapy and communication tools, the more I can see the importance of healing our inner child.

Our precious inner child that open, receptive, innocent child within you that takes great delight and wonder with our natural world.

At the other extreme are innocent inner child can feel trampled upon, battered and bruised by both people and life itself. A very common example I feel strongly about and want to address, is verbal abuse. It is a big ugly destroyer of innocence, a big loud angry monster that terrorizes. Confronting verbal abuse can be very empowering for the inner child. That's if a strong, clear and protective parent or adult stands up for our vulnerable little one. Anonymously expressing the truth about the consequences of verbal abuse can help us feel safe. Most verbal abusers have spewed their ugly wrath upon many and get the message when it’s clearly presented although thankfully when sent anonymously and not directly from you.

Kids of all ages want instant gratification. This powerful poem about verbal abuse sent anonymously has honestly empowered, protected and transformed many inner children of people from many countries, from all walks of life and age groups.

I encourage you to read this poem and see if it strikes a chord with you. Notice how this communication being a poem, written by a favorite author and not a letter written by you, gives it a more universal voice. This strengthens the effect of the message, keeps the messenger feeling safe and also broadens our sense of what is universally right and wrong, delivering a sense of justice and freedom.

Shame on You

A poem about verbal abuse

Written by Iris K Barratt Copyright 2006

Shame, Shame, Shame on you

Do you even know the damage that you do?

It hurts everyone to see how you treat us

Like we are dumb and stupid, you verbally beat us.

Shame on you for the tyrant that you are

Spewing mean, angry swords as you leave another scar.

What you value is control, you freak

How dare you terrorize we who are merely meek?

Why do you shame and blame?

Why it’s just another superiority game.

It sadly makes you feel superior

While, thrashing an innocent being’s interior.

Your ugly game has absolutely no winner

It only makes you a self-righteous sinner.

The only way out of your abusive game

And really give up your shame and blame

Is to find real values, good and true

And plant them inside and make them you

The truth of the matter and the truth about you

Is that you are miserable, unhappy and don’t know what to do

I say unto you- You, YOU must change what you do

Plant seeds that give value like esteem, love and trust

For your behavior is destructive and change it you must!

Shame, Shame, Shame on you

Wake up now to see and change the damage that you do.

“I have never told anyone about sending this shame on you poem anonymously to people through your business but after reading what you have said, I want everyone to know that what you said is totally true. You said it all, what I’d want to tell others and did it very well, thanks for helping me at age 42 to finally confront and heal this. I am growing up and learning to protect myself better now. Thank you” Francis from Long Beach, California

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