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Compassion is powerful medicine, Spirit of Compassion Awards

I have often wondered how different would or could someone’s life be, if they had experienced genuine compassion from just one other caring person, especially when they really needed it.

Ask yourself, how different might my life be if I had experienced genuine compassion from just one other caring person especially when I needed it the most?

I encourage you to also ask this question, If compassion had a wise voice, I wonder what it would say?

Here is what compassion's wise voice once said. This quote is taken from a favorite book entitled:

The Oneness Process: Appreciative Inquiry to Awaken Our Universal Wisdom by Iris K Barratt

“ If I found a wise voice to express the impact of compassion, I wonder what it might say?

"I am the soothing balm that heals our wounds, I level the playing field, I melt hard hearts, I illuminate equality, I guide service, I may be from anywhere or from any country, I may invoke guidance or laughter, I inspire tears of gratitude, I am the loving ground of humanity, I am the dance of divine intentions to awaken humanity to oneness.”

I encourage you to ask this question and discover what inner wisdom your wise voice wants to share. I encourage you to ask, "who may need a universal voice of caring compassion or a Spirit of Compassion Award right now?" Remember all purchases from our site support our free awards program for children. All inner children crave compassionate understanding and thrive in its presence. Remember; Self compassion is also one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

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