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By Actively Honoring Others, We Learn to Honor Ourselves

Honoring Is A Sacred Circle

Honoring is where silence joins what is true

Honoring is a divine reflection of me and of you

Honoring is holding a sincere respect

As a natural goodness that you reflect

Honoring is a happy, joyful kind of play

Honoring is my greatest joy day after day

Honoring is my essential reality

Honoring brings me essential clarity

Honoring is a sacred circle of discovering

That together we are harmonizing

It reflects the capability of our divinity

Joined with our responsibility,

To create melody and mastery,

A new tranquility of generosity.

Just remember that if your honoring of others

And of your life

Is really clear and sincere

That the goodness of others and life will surely

Reflect and honor you too my dear!

Written and freely shared by Iris K Barratt

Creator of “The Collective Genius Fundraising Program”

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