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"Let the Beauty of What You Love, Be What You Do." Rumi

Once upon a time in Salt Lake City, Utah there was a young girl with a kind and loving heart and a strong desire to express it. She had an aunt who lived nearby who had many qualities that she greatly admired. One day when her heart was full she wrote a note of gratitude and appreciation for this special aunt that she chose not to sign, trusting that the aunt who surely had many admirers would have no idea who had written it.

This filled the young girl with joy and happiness and gave her heart full abundant expression, for in keeping herself as the writer a secret, it was as if the whole town was writing this note of great love. Her heart had found wings of joyful expression for she is astutely realized that it was the message that was important, not the messenger, and that notes of gratitude and honor sent without the need or desire for recognition had even more powerful rewards. She would smile in secret for the rest of her life, knowing that everyone who received her anonymous expressions would have to wonder who felt so highly of them. This secret joy grew to encompass sending many creative Honoring Awards to so many exceptional people who received them over the years. This is my way of letting the beauty of what I love be what I do! Yahoo!

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