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Angel of Mercy Awards Are Adored

Being recognized for who we truly are; (kind, compassionate, free spirited) can leave an indelible mark on your soul. Being recognized for what we do is important also. Love is in little things and every act of kindness or compassion or service is significant. Yesterday I received a phone call from a woman who said someone sent me an award out of the blue and I can't imagine who. I asked which award she received and she said she had received a beautiful Angel of Mercy Award. I said, “Oh that's a very special award and I'm sure whoever sent it really honors and appreciates for you are. I'm not able to tell you who sent it, as our service is all about focusing on the message by keeping the messenger anonymous.

She reluctantly said okay well I guess this is just one of those wonderful things that you never get to figure out and then she laughed. I told her the mysterious joy is what our service all about, wished her a beautiful day and thanked her so much for calling us at

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