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Safely Confronting Verbal Abusers

Confronting verbal abuse is so often necessary and can be very difficult and sometimes unwise if not done properly. I believe verbal abuse destroys innocence within people of all ages and countries. It damages self-esteem and can breed intense fear, especially when the culprit is an authority figure. Many of my clients have found that sending the following poem anonymously through Anonymous as an honesty letter has given them safe and empowering freedom of expression. Because it is sent anonymously and with the stated intention of serving the highest good, the receiver can usually hear it clearly and most people report that a change in behavior is evident within the verbal abuser.

Shame on You

A poem about verbal abuse

Written by Iris K Barratt Copyright 2006

Shame, Shame, Shame on you

Do you even know the damage that you do?

It hurts everyone to see how you treat us

Like we are dumb and stupid, you verbally beat us.

Shame on you for the tyrant that you are

Spewing mean, angry swords as you leave another scar.

What you value is control, you freak

How dare you terrorize we who are merely meek?

Why do you shame and blame?

Why it’s just another superiority game.

It sadly makes you feel superior

While, thrashing an innocent being’s interior.

Your ugly game has absolutely no winner

It only makes you a self-righteous sinner.

The only way out of your abusive game

And really give up your shame and blame

Is to find real values, good and true

And plant them inside and make them you

The truth of the matter and the truth about you

Is that you are miserable, unhappy and don’t know what to do

I say unto you- You, YOU must change what you do

Plant seeds that give value like esteem, love and trust

For your behavior is destructive and change it you must!

Shame, Shame, Shame on you

Wake up now to see and change the damage that you do.


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